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Viewers furious at shrunken AFL stream screen on iPad

The Age News 1st February 2012 Picture Wayne Taylor Generic picture of a man watching AFL football on the ipad. Photo: Wayne TaylorAFL digital subscribers were up in arms after their live stream of the Collingwood-Essendon practice match failed to take up the full screen on their tablets.

It appears they should get used to it. The AFL says all matches on all digital devices this season will be viewed at iPhone size – a maximum of seven inches (17.5 centimetres) diagonally – as part of the new broadcast deal, which runs until the end of 2022.

The change means there is a sizeable black border surrounding the live stream when watching on devices such as the iPad, with matches only becoming available in full-screen mode 12 hours after the match.

While this crucial detail can be found tucked away in the AFL app’s terms of use, and despite the AFL’s assurance in a tweet that new features were coming, it didn’t stop a torrent of disapproval from angry subscribers to social media and a Telstra support page on Thursday night.

“Very disappointed with further degrading of AFL live pass,” one disgruntled user wrote. “I am wondering whether it is worth continuing my subscription.”

Another angrily wrote: “Refund tomorrow, they can jam it.”

Other customers didn’t wait until Friday to cancel their subscriptions. @AFL Subscription. Cancelled. What a deceitful move. This is going to damage your brand immensely.— Nic Eldridge (@oscar7g) February 16, 2017

While others found novel ways to get around the lack of full-screen action. FU #telstra, where there is a will there is a way! #alf#appletvpic.twitter苏州夜网/MqYn7YdMI7— Charlie (@chumio) February 16, 2017

The AFL came in for heavy criticism on social media for the move throughout Thursday night. The league explained the new state of affairs on Friday.

“For the rights agreement to be completed between Seven, Telstra and Fox, that was the ruling regarding live streaming,” an AFL spokesman said.

“Telstra’s digital rights agreement with the AFL requires live match videos on tablet devices on the AFL Live App to the maximum screen size of 7 inches diagonally. These parameters are part of what was agreed for our broadcast partners to settle the new broadcast agreement which comes into effect this year (2017-2022).

“Twelve hours after a match, match replays on tablet are permitted to be available in full-screen mode. Only the AFL Live App and the Foxtel Go App have the right to stream live matches on mobile devices.”

@[email protected] Unbelievable. Watching AFL on my tablet is the only way I can watch all the games as I have no foxtel. — Jordan (@jd_stacky) February 16, [email protected] Morons. I can’t afford Foxtel. I’ll be cancelling my subscription and following VFL/local leagues instead. #epicfail— Luke Laver (@lukelaver) February 16, [email protected] this is a disgrace— Wayne Ellery (@WayneEllery) February 16, [email protected]@smgray66 In 1969 we put man on moon. In 2017 we cant get a picture to fit on a tablet.— iwashwindows (@iwashwindows) February 16, 2017

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