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Jennifer Hawkins posted on Instagram a photo of the war in SyriaPHOTOS, POLL

Jen shows she has substance and style | PHOTOS, POLL A photo from the Instagram account of Jennifer Hawkins.

Jennifer Hawkins posted this image on Instagram of the war in Syria.

Jennifer Hawkins hugging husband Jake Wall. Picture: Instagram.

TweetFacebookIn reply, an Instagram user named peaceful83 wrote: “Bless you Jen, my background is Syrian and believe me Syria was the most beautiful country, third safest in the world. We were self sufficient, without the need to import anything and without debt, and most importantly respected all faiths. Many countries, all serving their own agendas, sent in these extremists for the past six years and destroyed so many lives and my home.”

Syria aside, there are some things that Jen isn’t too keen to discuss when it comes to current affairs. Like Donald Trump.

Trump was co-owner of Miss Universe when Jen took the crown.A video came out last October of Trump ridiculing her, and using sexual innuendo,during a corporate speech in Sydney some years back.

She was asked last Thursday about Trump on Channel Nine’sToday, amid Myer’s promotional push.

“To be honest, I just find that I don’t want to be the headline.And I don’t want people thinking that I’m constantly talking about it [Trump].So I kinda try to avoid it because I don’t want to disrespect anything or anyone.Believe it or not, I like a quiet life,” she said.

Topics reckons that’s fair enough. But we can’t helpbut wonder whether Trump used any of his “charm” on her during their time on the Miss Universe pageant.

A Jen Hawkins Instagram video. Sugar BabiesA university education is expensive, right? That’s why some girls (and boys too, we suppose–we don’t want to discriminate) need a sugar daddy, apparently.

“This year, the University of Newcastle is the ninth fastest growing‘sugar baby’school on SeekingArrangement苏州夜网’s annual list,” a press release from the website said.

The website claimed 59 students fromNewcastle Uni joined the“sugar daddy”dating site last year, creatingatotal of 282 registered “sugar baby scholars”.

Sugar baby students receive an average of $2700 in monthly allowances, said Brandon Wade, the founder and chief executive of SeekingArrangement苏州夜网.

Brandon said this meantsugar babies earned “$1400 more per month than a student working part-time at the national minimum wage, without having to dedicate precious study hours to a job”.

“Some see this as a controversial solution. However, SeekingArrangement苏州夜网 has helped facilitate hundredsof thousands, if not millions, of arrangements that have helped students graduate debt-free,” Mr Wade said.

We’re not sure if those figures areaccurate, but this sugar baby stuff doessounda bit like the world’soldest profession.

Coffee Break

Reader Tony Ryan asks this:Why do most Newcastle cafes close at 3pm, right on coffee-o’clock?

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